14 comments on “What is the Global Trends Publication?

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  3. The questions you ask are urgent and the answers are relevant to further critical thinking on these pressing issues. Thank you.

  4. Given the inexorable trend of Moore’s Law for the last 50 years, I’d say that neglect of technology is criminally foolish. Granted, they did say that new technologies could be game changers, but then they didn’t follow up on such highly likely events. Admittedly, predicting new technologies is very difficult, and predicting the secondary effects is even more difficult, but they should have at least tried. They might have been wrong, but since none of the predictions look like science fiction, we can be assured that their scenarios are dead wrong.

  5. As a foresight daily news portal, we are anxious to read GT2030. We know that Global Trends 2030 Report to be published later this year, do you publish a summary before the whole Report? Also, can anyone print this in other languages translated?

    • GT2030 will be appear in its entirety in December 2012 or January 2013. It will be downloadable from the NIC website, along with GT2025 (already there) and others.

  6. Following the various global trends reports as well as the blog schedule of the next one, the neglect of possible radical and even revolutionary impacts of science and technology is striking. To take a minor example, a technology enabling for one million dollars to increase one’s life expectancy to 150 years. And, more radical, the likelihood of technologies engabling a few fanatics to endanger the existance of the human species. All such very likely developments, in part within the 2030 time horizon, will require a kind of “global leviathan” enforcing limitations on development and use of dangerous or disruptibe technologies worldwide — with very radical implications for global governance (not coped with in the relevant publication).

    Professor Yehezkel Dror

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